Adopta Agency

Adding D3.js To The Adopta.Agency Toolbox

I am adding the visualization JavaScript library D3.js to the Adopta.Agency toolbox for the blueprint. Through conversations, and our existing knowledge of the space, simple CSV or JSON driven visualizations will often be the first work built on top of any project.

Pie chart, line graphs, US maps, and other data fueled visualizations can be created, hosted as part of each projects Github repository, making it an integral part of the Adopta.Agency storytelling process--making it a no brainer for adding to the formal toolbox, to be used in all projects.

As I work on the US federal budget, and VA Adopta.Agency projects, I'm developing a base set of data driven visualizations, and crafting JSON files that are generated from YAML is the central configuration file. This will help establish some basic blueprints, for how we can help non-developer project stewards generate visualizations without having to play with JSON.

As we generate working examples of Adopta.Agency fueled visualizations, I will catalog them here on the primary website, so that other projects can reverse engineer, for use in any projects.