Adopta Agency

Adopta.Agency is a movement to encourage average citizens to adopt government agencies, and the open data that they produce. Many government agencies have been hard at work opening up their data, but they just don't have the resources to do everything, and they need our help.

Adopta.Agency is not a technology, it is an open blueprint, that allows anyone to target a topic, area of government, or specific data, and move it forward one step by producing JSON, and two steps by launching an open API.

If you are passionate about being the change you want to see in our government, please join us:

To participate in Adopta.Agency you do not have to be able to code--you just have to be passionate about making change in government, be tech curious, and not afraid to learn new things. There is a learning curve, in that you need to know how to work with spreadsheets, know the difference between CSV and JSON, and have some basic Github awareness--nothing that should scare you away.

Everything begins with you forking the Adopta Blueprint (you can just download too), staying in tune via the Adopta.Agency blog, and if you get lost along the way, submit a Github issue to engage with us.

Thanks for being the change.